Youth Ministries

Sunday School
At FPUMC we offer a variety of Christian Educational opportunities for every age group.  For the youth we offer a middle school and a high school class each Sunday from September to June with different curriculum used in each class.

Sept'12 - 06b           
Above are photos from the middle school & high school class room.  Sometimes they find unusual places to study.

Sept'12 - 11b         Sept'12 - 10b
Classrooms provide fun learning environments and fun activities for the younger students.

Youth Group
FPUMC has an active youth group for students in grades 6-12.  The purpose of the group is to offer the youth of our church a more vital role in the life of the church and to help strengthen students walk with Christ.  In addition to providing opportunities for spiritual growth, our goal is to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where young people feel they belong.  Through meetings and activities, students are challenged in their faith lives to come to the understanding that God desires to have a relationship with them through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Just some of the things the youth are involved in include: fund raising for Habitat for Humanity, sponsoring a child in Haiti, Shantytown, 30-Hour Famine, doing yard work for the elderly, and going on annual summer mission trips around the country.

Confirmation is a two-year program for youth in 7th and 8th grades.  Older students who have not had any teaching about the church and its beliefs are encouraged to enroll as well.  The class meets during the regular school year.  Homework, memory verses, class attendance, participation, and worship service attendance are required.  The goal of Confirmation Class is to ground the student in basic understanding of who Jesus Christ is, which means to choose Him as Savior and how we can faithfully follow Him in the rest of our lives. We seek to establish the habit of daily Bible reading, equip them for active participation in worship, and to provide ample opportunity for the student to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Youth Christmas Program
Every year the grade school age youth put on a Christmas Program for the congregation.  During December, 2013, the youth performed a program called “A Capital Christmas.”
IMG_2352     IMG_2343
The December, 2014, Christmas program was “The Birth of Jesus; A Puppet’s Perspective.  Alexis teaches Melanie about the birth of Jesus and all those that were there help in telling the story.  Youth & youth leaders all participated in this well done program.  (Click on photos to enlarge)
IMG_3490   IMG_3494      IMG_3508 - Copy

FPUMC Youth activities include sledding parties, fund raising for 30-hour famine, and hosting a dessert auction to raise money for their annual mission trip.  These are just some of the other activates the youth are involved in during the year.

Fountain Park Youth
enjoy their sledding