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Welcome to the website of
Fountain Park United Methodist Church

We pray that your time spent here will enrich your walk with the Lord.  We are ordinary people who hunger for more of God, a church family that cares for one another, disciples of Jesus who share His love of others, and a church where you can serve and grow.  We worship and serve God from a heart of love, faithfully proclaiming Christ in word and deed. 

What’s Happening at FPUMC
         May & June, 2018

United Methodist Women:  Thursday, May 24th @ 6:30pm.  Kay Goking will do the presentation.  All ladies of the church are welcome. 
Memorial Day:  Monday, May 28th.  Honoring our veterans and remembering those who gave their lives to protect this great country and our freedom.  (Church office will be closed.)
>>>   JUNE   <<<
Sermon Series “Leaving a Lasting Legacy” Week 1: 
Sunday, June 3rd @ 9:00am service.  “Leaving a Legacy of Faith.”  God is not looking for ritual or rules in your life.  He’s looking for you to have a relationship with Him through faith.  This  week we look at 7 features of faith that we must model and teach.  (See below for more details)
Free Community Meal:  Sunday, June 3rd from 4:30pm to 6:00pm in Fellowship Hall.  Open to everyone in the community, especially for those in need.
Sermon Series “Leaving a Lasting Legacy” Week 2:  Sunday, June 10th @ 9:00am service.  “Leaving a Legacy of Hope.”  Many people seem hopeless today because they’re looking at circumstances.  There’s many things that are going wrong today.  But we have hope because we trust in Jesus.  We look at 8 reasons to have hope today to share with others.  (See below for more details)
Finance & Stewardship Meeting:  Tuesday, June 12th @ 6:30pm in the library.
Sermon Series “Leaving a Lasting Legacy” Week 3:  Sunday, June 24th @ 9:00am service.  “Leaving a Legacy of Love.”  We live in a world that seems to be commanded by hatred, intolerance and selfishness.  These things do not build up a world, but destroys it.  For the world to survive, we must show love to one another.  God wants us to receive that love, and then pass that love on to others.  We discuss how we can pass on a legacy of love to share with the world.  (See below for more details)  
Sermon Series “Leaving a Lasting Legacy” Week 4 :  Sunday, July 1st @ 9:00am service.  “Living By Your Conviction.”  We tend to base our decisions on one of four motivations in life; on circumstances (what’s happening around us), or convenience (what’s easy), or criticism (what will others think), or on our convictions (our deeply held beliefs).  So we look at 6 Christian convictions that can guide our lives as we live for the Lord.  (See below for more information)
Things to Know

Sermon Series “Leaving a Lasting Legacy”.  This 4-part series begins during worship services the weekend of June 3rd.  What are we leaving for the next generation to build upon?  What things can we pass on to other folks that can enrich their lives?  This series focuses on four qualities that we can hand off to future generations that will give them faith, hope and love as we live within the convictions of God’s truth in the Bible.  We invite everyone from the community to join us for this interesting series.
FPUMC Scholarships:  Applications are now available for the Keller and Staege scholarships.  Go to the Scholarship page to obtain an application.  The deadline to applied is June 17th.  Awards will be announced in early August.
oda Pop Sunday: By simply donating the price of a can of soda will help save the life of a rescued infant in Kenya!!  These infants are often found abandoned along the road or in the trash.  So we are joining forces to support Dave & Jennifer Bell’s rescue mission in Kenya.  The last Sunday of every month will be designated as “Soda Pop Sunday”.  Funds collected will help buy needed items such as medicine, diapers, and infant food.  What a wonderful way to care for “the least of these” until they are adopted by a Christian family.  For more info go to the Mission Page.

Hospitality Table:  Join your fellow church friends and visitors for coffee, juice & snacks for a little social time every Sunday before and after the worship service in the Narthex.  All are welcome!!

Worship With Us

Saturday 5:00 p.m. Worship Service
Sunday 9:00 a.m. Worship Service
Sunday 10:20 a.m. Sunday School for all ages
Sunday 6:00 p.m. Adult Bible Study
Wednesday 9:00 a.m. Women’s Bible Study